PHYSICOOL jahutav side, suurus A (korduvkasutatav)


Korduvkasutatav (jahutav) elastikside.

Suurus A (10cm x3m)

Parim paigaldamiseks randmele, küünarnukile või hüppeliigesele.

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Designed to treat shoulder, knee, leg and back sprains and injuries; Physicool’s reusable cooling bandage combine’s instant cooling, compression and support. Used to reduce swelling and inflammation fast, apply Physicool to combat pain and speed up your recovery.
Physicool is a recognised medical treatment and a staple ingredient of every athlete’s and physio’s kit, providing all the benefits of a cooling aid, but without the need for refrigeration. Physicool works by rapid evaporation – drawing heat out of an injury. Because the bandage is fastened to the injured limb, it provides consistent, ergonomic relief, quickly reducing swelling and pain whilst helping speed up healing and recovery time. Each bandage has a Velcro strap that holds it in place without creating a pressure point. Initially charged with 2-3 hours cooling the bandages are reusable and Physicool’s unique cooling effects will still be felt long after removal. Physicool is a perfect solution for all strains, sprains and knocks. Recharge with Physicool Coolant.
Key Features:
Swelling/Inflammation Reduction – Physicool has been clinically proven to be very effective in reducing pain and inflammation – allowing people to mobilise quicker, shortening recovery time.
Pain Reduction – Physicool lowers the temperature of the skin and underlying tissue. This cooling effect numbs the nerve endings to reduce pain.
Instant Cooling – Physicool’s cooling properties work instantaneously, giving immediate relief.
Promotes Healing – Physicool allows blood to flow freely around the injured area.
360 Degrees Conformity – When wrapped around an injured area, the bandage provides total coverage and all-round cooling.
No need to Refrigerate – The bandages provide instant cooling straight from the packet. There is no need for refrigeration, ice or cold water.
Easy to Apply – The bandage can be applied one handed and fastened using the attached Velcro strap. The bandage can be stored anywhere and are of a handy, portable size. Physicool can be used anywhere and at anytime.
Constant Use – Each bandage will provide 2 to 3 hours of cooling before drying out. Once dry, reapply with Coolant for continual use.
Reusable – The bandages are 100% cotton and washable.
PHYSICOOL jahutav side, suurus A (korduvkasutatav)
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